4 Healthcare Companies Dominating Content Marketing in 2017

Just last month, Mayo Clinic attracted over 28 million organic visitors from search engines worldwide.

If we look at the #1 ranking on U.S. News & World Reports Best Hospitals, Mayo Clinic attracted more than 5x the organic traffic of hospitals ranks 2-20 combined!

Many of the world’s top hospitals, including those in this list, are missing out thousands of opportunities to capture online search traffic. Without a content strategy in place, companies are likely only ranking for branded search terms. This means only people searching the company name will find them.

If you implement a proper content strategy, like the one Mayo Clinic has in place, you have the opportunity to snag thousands of new visitors who have never even heard of your company name.

In this article, I will highlight 6 of the best content marketers in healthcare and break down how these giants drive the majority of their traffic.

1. Mayo Clinic (28.35 million/month)

You might have guessed it, the number 1 spot on the list goes to Mayo Clinic with it’s whopping 28.34 million monthly visitors from organic search traffic alone.

You’re probably asking yourself, how do they bring in so much traffic compared to their competitors?  The answer to that question is content, content, and more content. In their particular case, content surrounding diseases and conditions they treat. In fact, 21 million of Mayo Clinics 28.3 million organic views come from its “/diseases-conditions” subdomain  (72% of total organic traffic).

By dissecting Mayo Clinic’s “Top Pages” in Ahref’s Site Explorer, you can see how much traffic their “/diseases-conditions” pages are bringing in alone.

How did Mayo Clinic achieve such a high ranking page? By churning out exceptional content tailored to the needs of their audience.

A great example of this content can be found in a top performing article on their “/diseases-conditions” page titled 10 ways to control blood pressure without medication, which brings in over 148,000 monthly organic visitors monthly.

We are immediately greeted with a rich navigation bar including 9 other sections to explore after reading the original article.

What’s even more impressive is what is contained in each section for hypertension. The in-depth section, which is where their top performing article lies, has 50 content pieces strictly on blood pressure. They even have a section for expert answers, basics, and even an expert blog.

Tailoring Content to Your Audience

Mayo Clinic is so successful because they focus on producing content their audience searches for regularly. Instead of publishing another generic scholastic page on hypertension, Mayo Clinic made it exciting and tailored it to their unique audience.

List posts work great, and actionable titles are absolutely essential. Mayo Clinic knows this, so they titled their article 10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication. This is the type of content people love t0 share on social media.

2. Cleveland Clinic (1.51 million/month)

Next on the list is Cleveland Clinic. They generate an impressive 1.51 million website visitors from search engines each month.

Although their traffic has fluctuated over the last year, they have had a recent resurgence in both their traffic numbers as well as organic keyword rankings.

They traffic numbers and keyword rankings look great, now let’s see which pages are bringing in the most traffic for Cleveland Clinic.

Taking a look at their top pages, it’s apparent that the majority of their organic traffic comes from their health related articles. When we dig further into their statistics we find that 68% of Cleveland Clinics overall monthly organic traffic comes from their health articles subdomain.

Now, let’s take a look at two things they do particularly well in order to rank their article pages:

  1. Produce dominant content for unglamorous search phrases (rectal bleeding, fistula, laryngopharyngeal reflux)
  2. Get informative visual content ranked position #0 in Google rich snippets (coronary arteries, low sodium diet, picc line)

Here’s a perfect example of one of their content pieces that’s both unglamorous and highly visual, it’s about rectal bleeding.

The beautiful thing about this image is that although they are ranked #5 for “rectal bleeding”, their image is featured at the very top in rich snippets and even overrides Manhattan Gastroenterology’s image.

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital (1.14 million/month)

Another hospital that uses a focused content strategy to drive organic visitors to the website is Johns Hopkins Hospital which attracts over 1.14 million organic visitors each month.

Johns Hopkins receives just under half of this traffic from their health library alone (451,259/month).

By creating an educational portal to answer both new and existing patient questions, Johns Hopkins reaches more clients each month than many big hospitals do in a given year.


This is a perfect example of an effective content marketing strategy in action. Johns Hopkins has become an online authority source and is bringing in new business on a regular basis thanks to it’s dedicated content strategy.

4. Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (232,658/month)

Last on the list is Sloan Kettering. They get quite creative with their content and traffic acquisition strategy.

Even though they use traditional means to treat cancer, and their most “direct competitor” is natural forms of cancer treatment, the vast majority of their traffic comes from these natural treatment related search phrases.

Instead of ignoring natural treatment questions simply because that’s not their method of treatment, they build out extensive pages in order to answer any and all questions related to the topic. This includes different herbs people are searching for such as chaga mushrooms.


When you look at the top healthcare companies within content marketing, you’ll see a few dominant patterns begin to take shape. Extensive amounts of well-made, customer-facing content pages. By educating your audience with free content, you’re able to bring in an entirely new source of visitors who have never heard of your brand.

All it takes is shifting your mindset from traditional “advertising”, to simply giving away free content. If you’re able to do this, you’re on your way to an entirely new source of traffic from organic search.