55 Marketing Tools That Will Change Your Life Forever

There’s a seemingly endless amount of marketing tools online. In fact, it’s quite overwhelming. Which tools will actually help? And which ones are simply a waste of time and money?

I’ve tested nearly every tool out there, and I’m here to share some of my wisdom so you don’t waste your time and money with worthless tools.

I’m gonna share a whopping 55 tools that can genuinely improve multiple aspects of your business. Obviously you’re not going to use all 55 tools, but take a look at them all and choose a few that are aligned with your business.

Whether you need to track your clients Google rankings, research competitors, find new talent, connect with influencers, build landing pages, and nearly anything else you can think of, there’s a tool that can help.

Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s get to the list of tools.

#1. Slack – team communication (channels, direct messaging, file share)

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Slack let’s you organize conversations with both your team and your clients. You create separate channels for each topic, so it’s easy to keep your clients updated on the work you’ve done, as well as sharing ideas and setting up meetings with your team.

#2. Optimizely – A/B test different copy, design, CTA’s

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Optimizely is absolutely for me. It allows you to experiment and test various site designs, copy, calls-to-action, and pretty much anything to can imagine. If you’re not testing every aspect of your website, you’re  losing money. It’s impossible to know what your customers respond to without A/B testing. You may think your site design is perfect, when in reality a few changes could yield a huge revenue boost. The time and effort required to test every little part of your website is always worth it, it’s one of the best ways to increase your revenue without making any changes to your product or service.

#3. Ahrefs – track Google rankings and backlinks, competitive research

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Ahrefs is another tool that I can’t live without. It’s absolutely essential for competitive research. You can see exactly what keywords your competitors are ranking for, what backlinks they have, how much they’ve grown in recent months, how much organic and paid traffic they get, and pretty much anything else you want to know about them. It’s especially useful when you want to enter a new niche and you’re not sure how competitive it is. Just search the top ranking websites in ahrefs and you know immediately how competitive the space is. There are a few similar tools but nothing really compares (SEMrush is good as well, especially if you want to know more about your competitors paid ad campaigns).

#4. Traackr – influencer marketing management platform

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Influencer marketing had become quite a hot topic as of late, and for good reason. Building relationships with influencers is an excellent way to reach entirely untapped audiences for your brand. Traackr is an incredible platform that lets your browse influencers relevant to your brand. They make it easy to weed out the low quality influencers that won’t yield results. Their scoring system is extremely refined and allows you to find influencers that actually help grow your brand. I think influencer marketing, especially with Instagram is extremely underpriced, so I recommend “abusing” it until it becomes saturated.

#5. FameBit – influencer marketplace

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Famebit is another influencer marketing platform. The UI is great and it has a huge user base. Traackr is great for Instagram, and I prefer Famebit for Youtube influencers. There’s a much bigger selection and the quality of the youtube influencers on Famebit is much better. Give both platforms a try, it’s nice to browse influencers on both to find the best deal possible.

#6. Kissmetrics – behavioral analytics platform

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Google Analytics is great, however, if you want to know the fine details of how users behave on your website, Kissmetrics shows you everything you’d ever need. When you know exactly how your visitors behave on your website,  you can make informed changes that improve your bottom line. They also offer training packages, I haven’t tried them but I’m sure they are quite good. Everything Kissmetrics puts out is quality, they really know what they’re doing when it comes to user behavior, customer retention and acquisition.

#7. InsightSquared – sales analytics platform

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InsightSquared is a data intelligence suite (mostly for small and mid-sized companies). It’s primarily used for sales analytics, however, it also provides marketing, financial and staffing analytics. In a nutshell, it’s meant to improve your sales team, both in productivity and actually closing deals.

#8. Dropbox – share, organize and store files

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Dropbox is a cloud platform that lets you store your files and access them from anywhere, on any device. As long as you have the Dropbox app on your device, your files are synced automatically. I love Dropbox because I know my important files are safe, and my team can easily access them at any time. You can also send any type of file, including video, to anyone even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

#9. Google Drive – share documents and spreadsheets with team

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Google drive is another cloud platform with a fantastic user interface. It’s very similar to Dropbox and it’s mostly preference on which one to use. Google drive is nice because you get 15gb of storage free, which is often enough if you’re just using it for docs, spreadsheets, etc. I recommend trying both to see which one you prefer.

#10. Contently – content analytics + talent finder (journalists, videographers, graphic designers, researchers, and photographers)

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The Contently platform has two primary uses. First, it provides incredible insights that’ll help you improve your content across the board. On top of this, the platform provides a huge network of talent. As stated on the Contently website, there’s “over 100,000 journalists, videographers, graphic designers, researchers, and photographers”. They even have experts that personally help you improve your content strategy. Make sure to check out their blog as well, they put out some of the best content you’ll find anywhere!

#11. CoSchedule – collaborative drag + drop calendar for social, content, email, events, other marketing tasks

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CoSchedule is great for keeping track of all of your tasks in one place. The drag and drop calendar makes it easy to schedule your tasks and keep things organized. I use it to assign tasks for my team and set deadlines. When you set clear deadlines and hold your team accountable for specific tasks, things get done quicker and on time. Would you rather have endless spreadsheets and docs, or an organized calendar with a beautiful interface? I’ll choose the latter any day.

#12. Hubspot CRM – automate sales tasks + organize, track, and grow your pipeline

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Most of you know Hubspot from their awesome blog content, but that’s not all they do. They have an incredible CRM (if you don’t know, this stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’) that helps us stay organized and really keep track of our leads. You can use the tool for free so you really can’t beat it, and the free version is not limited like most tools. You get the full functionality without paying a dime. It’s an invaluable tool for your sales team and your entire organization, especially if you aren’t currently keeping track of leads properly. (Tip: check out their Inbound conference held annually in Boston. We attend the conference every year just for networking, it’s a great way to learn, bring in potential clients, and find people to collaborate with.

#13. TypeForm – build online forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages, and more

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Typeform is such a simple tool to use, yet it yields some incredible results. You don’t need any coding experience to use Typeform, it’s a drag and drop system that anyone can use. We use the tool for surveying users and occasionally creating small landing pages for our downloadables. They have a fully functional free version as well, so it’s a no-brainer to try it out!

#14. Ceros – interactive content creation platform

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Want to create beautiful infographics, ebooks, and stunning magazine-style content with ease? If so, Ceros is the tool for you. Without any design skills at all, you can start creating visually stunning pieces of content from the get-go. It’s not cheap, it starts at $3,000 per month and increases depending how many assets you want to create. Is it worth the high price tag? Absolutely. You can’t put a price on something like this. If you take the time to create and distribute assets regularly, you can level-up your brand‘s image quite quickly.

#15. Adwords Performance Grader – free tool to grade your Adwords campaign performance + get actionable improvement ideas

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Face it, Adwords is extremely tough and it takes a lot of experience to build profitable campaigns. Often times people wonder how they’re doing and what they should do to improve their ads. Well, that’s where Wordstream’s PPC Grader tool comes in. The tool looks at your account and compares it to averages, best practices, and the near endless amount of data they’ve collected from diagnosing people’s Adwords accounts. Almost instantly, you get a detailed report that shows you where money is being wasted, as well as a ton of useful data about your keywords and landing pages. Once you get the report, you can use their software to see how to improve everything about your campaigns. There’s no other tools that offer such a detailed diagnosis, so this one is a staple in my tool stack.

#16. Adobe Spark – free app for creating social graphics, web stories and animated videos

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Adobe Spark is great for creating stunning video and social media posts. It’s completely free to use which is crazy for how powerful this tool is. People are hungry for high quality video content, but people often struggle to actually create this content. Adobe Spark is meant for short videos (30 seconds to a few minutes). It can help you craft stories in video form with ease, it’s very simple to use and Adobe makes sure to guide you through the entire thing. If you don’t have the production staff needed to shoot and edit high quality video, but you want to start doing video content, Adobe Spark is the tool for you.

#17. Wistia – video analytics platform

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I especially love their heat mapping, you can’t get this anywhere else. It lets you see exactly where people lose or gain interest in your video. This helps you improve and create better videos for your brand. The tool has a great interface that is extremely user-friendly. The video’s come out silky smooth and the player works great (in my opinion, better than Vimeo and Youtube). Their free plan has a limit of 3 videos, but their pro plan is just $99 per month, a small price to pay for such a powerful tool.

#18. Unbounce – build, publish and test landing pages

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Building landing pages can be quite difficult and tedious. We used to need a skilled developer to create each and every page, but those days are over. Unbounce offers a drag and drop editor that lets you create beautiful landing pages with ease. There’s several tools out there now for building landing pages, but Unbounce stands out. It has bbuilt-inA/B testing so you can split test your pages to see which ones are most effective.  They also make it easy to integrate with your other tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, Hubspot and more. Take a look at their blog as well, their content is fantastic and everyone can learn from it.

#19. Yoast – WordPress plugin for on-page SEO optimization

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Yoast is the leading SEO plugin for wordpress, and for good reason. It lets you add page titles and descriptions to each post and generate XML sitemaps with the click of a button. It also shows you a nice little snippet of how your post or page will look in search engines which I love. I’ve tried every SEO plugin out there and I find Yoast to be the most user friendly, and quite frankly, it just makes every aspect of on-page SEO so damn easy!

#20. Disqus – comment platform for your blog

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There are quite a few comment platforms out there, so which one do you choose? Disqus is a great option and I’ll tell you why. A lot of people already have a Disqus account, so when they go to that uses the Disqus platform, they’re already logged in.

They don’t have to register or do anything at all except leave a comment, and that’s exactly what we want. This is the main reason we’re using the Disqus platform. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free? Yea, quite a no-brainer for us!

Those are my top 20 marketing tools that I recommend everyone use or at least try. I’ve been in the game for over 10 years and have tried pretty much every tool out there.

Okay, maybe not every tool, but that’s only because there are tens of thousands of them. There are a lot of tools out there that just don’t cut it, or are simply not worth the price tag.

That’s exactly why I created this list, to save you time and money (and a lot of headaches from dealing with crappy tools).

Below are some more great tools that I’ve used for various clients as well as for my own brands.

#21. Udemy – learning platform for design, development, business, and more

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#22) Podium – online review management system

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#23. Zendesk – bring all of your communication channels into one place, full suite of tools for support team

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#24. AdStage – automate, create and manage PPC campaigns across all PPC platforms in one place

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#25. Trello – project management tool

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#26. OnPage – analyze your website content

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#27. Canva – easy-to-use online graphic creation platform

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#28. Iconosquare – instagram analytics platform

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#29. HotJar – visual heatmap tool for your website

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#30. Blackbaud – fundraising management platform for nonprofits

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#31. BuzzSumo – see the best performing content by topic or competitor + find influencers

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#32. MailChimp – email marketing platform

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#33. Crowdcast – webinar and live streaming platform

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#34. GoToMeeting – host virtual meetings with call-in number

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#35. Hootsuite – manage all social media in a single dashboard

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#36. Ubersuggest – get more keyword ideas

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#37. Social Mention – real-time social media search / monitoring tool

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#38. Google Alerts – monitor keywords and search phrases on the web with alerts by email

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#39. Copyscape – check for duplicate content

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#40. Grammarly – spelling + grammar checker, fix writing mistakes automatically (chrome plugin)

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#41. Placeit – display mockups of your website, app, or brand logo on various devices and real-world images

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#42. Feedly – view all of the content you follow online in a single feed

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#43. Followerwonk – find twitter influencers in your niche

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#44. TweetDeck – manage multiple accounts + track topics, events, and hashtags

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#45. Emma – email marketing software with automation, personalization, and analytics

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#46. SumoMe – free + paid suite of online growth tools

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#47. Infogram – easily create charts, reports, and infographics

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#48. Prezi – presentation and visual storytelling platform

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#49. Webflow – design and develop websites from scratch using a visual builder

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#50. MozCast – let’s you know if Google’s algorithm has changed in recent days

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#51. Save Publishing – automatically identify 140-character excerpts on any webpage, easily find quotes and quick takeaways within content for tweeting

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#52. Facebook’s Power Editor – this is Facebook’s own tool used to create and deploy paid advertising campaigns

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#53. Scoop.it – find great content quickly and publish to social media in 1 click

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#54. Videolean – create quality promo videos for your brand with ease using pre-made templates

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#55. LiveChat – allow customers to chat live via your website at any time

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That’s it folks, these are my top 55 marketing tools currently available. Yea, some of them are design tools, live chat tools, etc. but they are all used as a part of a bigger strategy.

I hope this list brought you some value by saving you time and money trying out a million different tools. Tools are great and all, but you must first make sure your SEO and content marketing strategy is solid to really get the most out of them.

If you try any of these, or if you use any tools I didn’t mention here, let me know in a comment below!