7 Online Influencers You Absolutely Need To Follow

There is a seemingly unlimited amount of online resources to learn from. While that’s great and all, we don’t have time to follow every person, subscribe to every blog, or read every ebook – it’s just not possible.

There are, however, a few sources of great content that every organization should consistently follow. It’s necessary in order to keep up with day-to-day changes in the marketplace. It’s also a great way to continuously improve your organization’s marketing, design, and user experience knowledge.

Below are the 7 influencers that you NEED to follow, it’s simply worth taking the time out of your day to soak up a piece of their knowledge.


MarketingProfs puts out exceptional content that helps us become better marketers. They are one of my go-to resources for educational content. They keep up with the latest trends and offer clever ideas for growing your brand.


Intercom teaches us all about design, customer service, and the software business. They take a unique approach to their educational offerings. Whenever I need to improve a specific part of my buyer journey or sales funnel, I turn to Intercom. They help most with perfecting customer touchpoints and improving the UX of your website.


Optimizely not only has one of the best A/B testing tools on the market, they also pump out some incredible content. They provide excellent conversion optimization examples from real brands. To me, there’s nothing more useful than looking at real live case studies. They give us a shortcut toward what’s working while making it easy to implement worthwhile changes to our own brand.


DemandBase is a great example of how content marketing can help grow your business. They created several white papers, infographics, slideshares, webinars, and resource guides in order to bring in new customers for the brand. They managed to generate 1,700 fresh leads with a single campaign. According to TopRank, they also connected with over 120 webinar viewers, allowing them to generate over 1 million dollars in new revenue.


What good would this list be without good old Moz? You won’t find better SEO content anywhere online, these guys are literally the very top of the game. Rand Fishkin has dedicated his life to SEO, and so has the rest of the Moz team. These guys eat, sleep and breathe Search Engine Optimization. They put put new content often, so there’s always new things to learn on their blog. I like to visit Moz at least once a week, it’s great for keeping up with trends and staying ahead of the pack in the SEO world.


Hubspot has two different blogs, Hubspot Sales and Hubspot Marketing. These guys put out more content than you’ll know what to do with. I like to read both blogs as I focus on both sales and marketing on a day-to-day basis. Hubspot are the kings of inbound marketing, and they run an event called Inbound in Boston each year, it’s one of the largest events in the industry.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a respected thought leader in the marketing world. He’s written multiple best-selling books on marketing and business. His posts are inspirational and always get my creative juices flowing.

If you want more information on creating exceptional content, have a look at Copyblogger and Contently, they offer some of the best information available.

Subscribe to each and every one of these sources, either on their blog or a social media channel, and when new content is posted you’ll be alerted.

Once you’ve done that, choose a 30-minute time slot where you can absorb this content daily (or every other day, every few days, whatever fits with your current schedule – you don’t want this to get in the way of your other work, so find some “downtime” and use it for education).