What We Do

Our content-first, hands-on approach brings new opportunity for nonprofits and healthcare companies.

Successful businesses use a proven, systematic process. When you follow a process, there are no guessing games involved. There are no empty promises. There are no vague results.
It all starts with understanding your business and its unique customer base. Once we know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and who you're trying to reach, we'll begin crafting a strategy that thoroughly suits your needs.
“Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding.”
Brian Greene

#1 Discover

Our process kicks off with discovery. We begin by getting to know your business, your value proposition, your short-term goals, and your long-term vision.
Next, we dive into understanding your target buyer personas, what motivates them, and how they are currently engaging with your content. If you need help defining your buyer personas, we will work with you to identify and define your ideal customer.
Finally, we dive into your existing marketing strategies, explore your content assets, and analyze your influence across each channel being used to drive new traffic, leads, and customers.
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We drive real results using content-focused marketing campaigns.

#2 Plan

A marketing campaign is only as effective as the plan behind it. This is where we map out the exact strategy for connecting your businesses’ value to its target customers.
What channels are most effective at reaching your target buyer persona? What forms of content will drive the most profitable engagement? What are your most successful competitors doing well and where are they vulnerable?
In the planning stage, we combine insights from the discover phase with market research to develop a detailed growth roadmap for your business with measurable milestones and KPIs. This roadmap covers everything from the broader buyer journey and content schedule to individual blog post topics, headlines, and promotion tactics.
“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”
Joel A. Barker

#3 Create

Now that we have the plan in place, it’s time to actually create the content. Unlike most content agencies, we don’t just create run-of-the-mill blog posts. We take a multimedia approach catered to your unique audience.
Videos, in-depth guides, podcasts, white-papers, how-to’s, webinars, and interactive pages are just a small sample of what’s possible.
We specialize at making topics fun, engaging, and useful. We help you solve your audience’s problems, educate them on relevant topics, entertain them, and connect them to your brand in a meaningful way.
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#4 Amplify

Every day, millions of blog posts are written, and most are read by only a handful of visitors. Content creation is just one part of the puzzle. Without proper amplification, your content will go unnoticed.
As content is published, we incorporate into a coordinated, around-the-clock amplification process that drives an ever increasing number of visitors, leads, and customers to your business.
We reach out to influencers, build links pointing back to strategic content, run paid and organic social campaigns, and help you network with key players in your niche. Most importantly, we help you build an ever expanding audience of consumers interested in your brand.
“Teaching is the highest form of understanding”

#5 Analyze

With most agencies, the process ends here. Content is created and promoted, then they sell you on the benefits with metrics like social shares or page views.
Here at Gurus NYC, we have no interest in vanity metrics. We focus on bottom-line metrics and religiously track the KPIs chosen during our planning phase. As new content is produced and promoted, we analyze each piece to gauge usefulness and optimize the ongoing content creation process.
Finally, we provide our clients with a backend dashboard where they can personally track key metrics and see which content pieces are generating shares, leads, and sales. Our data-intelligence platform makes it easy to quickly determine the value each content piece is providing for the business.
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