What We Do

We create, distribute, and amplify exceptional content to your audience and bring in qualified leads for your healthcare company.

con·tent mar·ket·ing (kənˈtent märkədiNG) n.

1. a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Would you like to deliver value to your audience while bringing in qualified leads for your healthcare company? Content marketing aims to do just that, reaching your audience in search engines, on social media networks, and wherever else their attention currently lies.

Our Content Marketing Process

When you follow a process, there are no guessing games involved. There are no empty promises. There are no vague results.
It all starts with understanding your business and its unique customer base. Once we know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and who you're trying to reach, we'll begin crafting a strategy that thoroughly suits your needs.

Step One

Getting to Know Each Other

Every client journey begins with discovery. In order to turn goals and dreams into reality, we must clearly define your long-term vision for the company.
Next, we dive into understanding your target buyer personas, what motivates them, and how they are currently engaging with your content.
We’ll audit your existing marketing strategies, explore your content assets, and analyze your influence across each channel being used to drive new traffic, leads, and customers.

Step Two

Crafting The Roadmap To Success

A marketing campaign is only as effective as the plan behind it. We’ll discover which channels are most effective at reaching your target buyer persona, what forms of content will drive the most profitable engagement, where your competitors are most vulnerable, and more.
We’ll use insights from our discovery phase to create a detailed growth roadmap with measurable milestones and KPIs. This roadmap covers everything from the broader buyer journey and content schedule to individual blog post topics, headlines, and promotion tactics.

Step Three

Bringing Your Content To Life

Unlike most agencies, we don’t create run-of-the-mill content that just sits on your blog. Instead, we take a multimedia approach and deliver video, in-depth guides, podcasts, downloadables, webinars, interactive pages, and more.
We realize the key to attracting and keeping traffic is to make topics fun, engaging, and useful. By entertaining and educating your audience, we build a positive emotional connection and drive qualified leads to the business.

Step Four

Turning On The Loudspeaker

Our goal is to build an ever expanding audience of consumers interested in your brand. To do that, we use a coordinated, around-the-clock amplification process.
This involves reaching out to online influencers, securing important link placements, running paid and organic social media campaigns, and networking with key players in the healthcare industry.
Loudspeaker engaged!

Step Five

Put Your Analytics to Work

You must be tired of agencies selling you on their services using metrics like social shares, pageviews, or total traffic. At Gurus NYC, we have no interest in vanity metrics, but rather metrics that calculate your return on investment.
We track and analyze every piece of content that we create. This allows us to continuously grow and improve the campaign by showing us what’s actually working.
To top it all off, our custom Gurus dashboard makes sure you're never in the dark by tracking key metrics and displaying your ROI for each individual piece of content. Data trumps everything, folks.

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