Who We Are

We're a small team of gurus providing big results for healthcare companies worldwide.

At Gurus NYC, we help healthcare companies bring in new business through content marketing. We shift away from traditional advertising techniques like pop-ups, banner ads, and video pre-rolls. Instead, we focus on delivering value to your audience while bringing in fresh leads through powerful online content.

Meet Your New Team

The Gurus NYC agency, now based out of sunny Southern California, is led by two individuals, Davis Ballard and Ben Fisher. By keeping our in-house team small, we can bring on the top strategists, marketers, designers and developers from around the world for every one of our clients. This allows us to deliver the same results (if not better) than much larger agencies for a fraction of the price.

Ben Fisher


At 17 years old, Ben Fisher combined SEO and content marketing techniques to build his first successful business: a network of video streaming sites, followed by a technology blog that earned him over half a million dollars in just a few short months.

Over the next few years, Ben worked with over 100 businesses as a highly regarded SEO consultant and was able to drive some massive wins for his clients. He then met Davis in New York where they founded the Gurus NYC brand.

Davis Ballard


When Davis & Bens paths aligned Davis was working as the assistant creative director at a technology incubator in Soho with some of the world’s most successful marketers - seasoned veterans who had managed campaigns for likes of Coke, Nike and Google.

Despite the experience and stimulation, Davis was getting the entrepreneurial itch again and meeting Ben seemed to be quite serindipidous. Three years later, the fruits of their collaboration are shown in the modern Gurus NYC.

Ilya Vesrashko


For the last 15+ years Ilya has been doing research and developing strategies for all stages of product life cycle: from identifying needs and testing rough product concepts to shaping brands and measuring ad campaign results.

Before starting Firestarters.io and teaming up with Gurus NYC, Ilya ran a consumer insights department that he built at a big advertising agency where he worked with some of the world's most high profile brands. Before that, he founded a brand research lab while pursuing a master's degree at MIT.

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