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You're not just another number to us. We're a small agency providing big agency results.

There are two types of marketers: service providers and entrepreneurs. In most cases, service providers are aspiring business owners. They would rather be building their own businesses. They would rather be marketing their own products. They would rather be doing what you do.
We think you deserve marketers who have actually built and marketed their own successful businesses. To put it bluntly, we think you deserve gurus instead of wannabes. That’s why we created Gurus NYC.
“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
Albert Einstein

Ben Fisher

At 17 years old, Ben Fisher combined SEO and content marketing techniques to build his first successful business: a network of video streaming sites that generated over $50,000 in the first 3 months.
Realizing the value of SEO, Ben dove headfirst into perfecting his skills and two years later, put those skills to work on a new project. In anticipation of the iPhone 5’s release, he built a blog that reached the #1 spot on Google for “iphone 5”. The site pulled in over 250k unique visitors per day, and Ben was able to net almost half a million dollars in ad revenue within 6 months.
Over the next few years, Ben worked with over 100 businesses as a highly regarded SEO consultant. While he was able to drive some massive wins for his clients, he found that many of them lacked the in-house talent needed to launch and sustain content marketing campaigns.
To solve this problem, Ben co-founded Gurus NYC in 2014. The agency launched exclusively to brands in the New York area and has since expanded its client base to healthcare and nonprofit companies nationwide.
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Davis Ballard

Ever since Davis was young he has been a creator and natural marketer. At 9 he was shooting and editing skateboard & surf videos for his friends and distributing them around town. By 18 he had taken over email marketing & the Youtube account for XM Radio host & producer Joe Bermudez. During his time with Joe, he edited, produced and amplified Youtube videos in it's first 2 years of existence gaining over a million views for his client.
This love for music and marketing continued to college where Davis launched Velvet Rope Entertainment and began organizing, promoting, and DJing 600-person ticketed events. He used a powerful combination of social media, influencer, and guerilla marketing strategies to make his business the local leader in event promotion for 3 straight years.
Ready to tackle bigger challenges, Davis moved to New York City and began working as the assistant creative director at a technology incubator in Soho with some of the world’s most successful marketers - seasoned veterans who had managed campaigns for Coke, Nike, Calvin Klein, Smirnoff, Showtime, Kraft, Motorola, Microsoft, and Google. Being the youngest member of the team by over ten years, he was able to learn from their decades of marketing wisdom & experience.
After his time at Factory Floor Davis knew it was time to start another business and partnered with Ben Fisher to launch Gurus NYC with a focus on helping modern businesses develop their own unique blend of entertaining, cutting-edge content.
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